How we work

Our Sales Consultants are considered to be a business within a business, they are mobile and essentially able to work from home, the local coffee shop or anywhere with an internet connection! They have full administrative support for processing listings and sales to our management program REX. All they need to do is list, sell and maintain good communication with clients.

We have on hand referred finance brokers settlement agents to support our team of consultants.

Graeme MacEwan the Licensee has 40 years of experience in the industry and is on hand to help with questions and assist with contracts etc. He is not a selling Principal.

Join Us

As a sole trader we are unique in the fact that we are able to give Sales Consultants out there the opportunity for employment without the constraints of the current federal based award level of earnings.

If you are looking to continue your career in Real Estate but at this stage you do not qualify to work with a company attached to federal award then call us we would love to have a chat about possibilities of you joining the Gmac Realty team and enjoy success.

We have no constraints on earnings, just offer a great opportunity for you to succeed.